Nutritional advice during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period from the fertilization of the egg until the time of delivery, which lasts approximately 9 months.
Since then begins a new life, and changes in the mother’s body are very important.

Both ovulation and menstruation are inhibited. The uterus, to hold the fetus, also gradually increases in size, being 50 gr., In normal state, weighing a kilo in the last months of pregnancy.
The breasts increase in size, they appear vomiting and nausea, increased urination as well as the desire to sleep.

Given these and other changes experienced by women during the gestation period, it should respond through adequate nutrient intake. This does not mean to eat for two, and an exaggerated manner, but must feed nutrition to ensure both baby as their own.

The fundamental change is the formation of new tissues both women, placenta and fetus. Also given the weight gain experienced, you should also increase the caloric intake in order to maintain all vital functions.

To do this, follow a diet or balanced diet , varied and correct.
The function of food, will ensure both the health of the baby and the mother. Therefore, food during these nine months, should not be subject to fads or almost always equivocal topics that may lead to considerable danger for both.

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